“I had a lot of first kisses. I had a lot of kisses that were not really good. But my first real good kiss, of course, was with a girl. I had kissed a lot of boys leading up to that, and that was kinda, like, whatever. That’s what I’d have to tell you for when my first kiss happened. For someone like me, who is gay, when you have your first real kiss with a girl you are just like ‘Oh!’ It makes everything make sense. I’d felt at odds with the world until that happened. It was a very unexpected kiss, it was like on a TV show or a movie or something. I remember I had to go shopping with my mom and Sara afterward, and it was a secret. No one knew that it had happened. I felt I was the only girl on this planet besides this other girl who knew what just happened. I remember walking through the aisles of the store and seeing myself in the mirrors. I was so flush. It kept me alive for, like, years. It was the most amazing thing ever.”
- Tegan Quin on her first kiss Under the Radar 2012 (via skq-trq)

While running this blog, it has really opened my mind up to how things are.


I get messages all the time asking me to post more models of color or curvy models. People seem to think that it’s my fault that there are mostly slim white models. I don’t pick and choose people based on their color or size, but on what they are wearing. The thing that bothers me the most is that those messages were right. They really opened my eyes to the fact that most stores don’t feature heavier models and barely have any people of color. I think the models of color bother me more because I’ve even looked at clothing lines made by people of color, yet all the models are white. Also a lot of the time there are people of color featured in a campaign ad, but they are not featured on the site wearing the clothes. It’s 2014 and nothing is the way it should be. I don’t know, maybe it is my fault, maybe I’m looking in the wrong spots, but I just really wanted to share this. It’s sad and upsetting to me that the world is this way. This is reality & it’s a mess.

Posted this on my style blog, but I feel I should share it with all of you as well.